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After payment you will directly receive the full English Instructor Book in PDF by mail.

In 24 hours you will receive the access link for the online course page.

The page includes
- A "roadmap" : The steps about how to study
- Video 1 : Explanation about the Roadmap
- Video 2 : Explanation about the Kardo Concept and Philosophy
- Video 3 : Hardware - Everthing you need to know about structuring your class
- Video 4 : Software - Everything about music and creating the best experience
- Video 5 : Exam Explanation - About how to take the video exam and about examinationrules.
- Video 6 : Technical Workout
- Video Playlist : 34 technique explaination video's "THE HOW TO"
- PDF : Video 1 untill 5 powerpoint handouts

- Book : The instructor book as PDF and EPUB

To obtain the official international UFW Kardo Instructor certificate, candidates are required to successfully complete two exams.

EXAM 1 : Technique
To achieve the official international UFW Kardo Instructor certificate, you are asked to film yourself during an online technique workout/exam and submit this recording for evaluation. If your performance does not meet the requirements, you will receive free advice and, if necessary, the opportunity to retake the exam.

EXAM 2 : Teaching
During this exam, you will be tasked with filming yourself while teaching for 20 minutes. Your lesson will be assessed according to clear examination guidelines available in a PDF document on the course page.

Upon successfully completing both exams, you will receive the A3 certificate digitally and the official blue UFW bandages will be sent to you by post. Additionally, you will be registered as an L5 Instructor in the instructor register.  


You will get a online coach. He/She will guide you and if you need any help or support, we will help and guide you.


- 2 full workouts on video
- 2 full class prepartions in PDF

- 2 full Kardo Music Mixes


- Video : Boxing45
- Video : KickFun
- Video : UFW Kickboxing
- Video : Stretch&Relax

Kardo Instructor Course

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